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When will the KYK Scholarship results be announced? Eyes on GSB (KYK e-Government Scholarship 2022-23 and Loan Application Results) – Last Minute Economy News

The KYK scholarship applications announced by the Ministry of Youth and Sports have been completed in the past few weeks. With the completion of the KYK Scholarship and Loan application procedures for the year 2022-23, eyes turned to the announcement of the achievement to gökyeşitözü made by the institution. So, …

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When will the US Federal Reserve’s (FED) interest rate decision be announced? (FED Dec 2022 MPC Interest Rate Meeting) – Last Minute Economy News

Jerome Powell’s statements are being watched closely for the Fed’s interest rate decision. US Federal Reserve Chairman Powell, who released statements yesterday, signaled a slowdown for interest rate hikes. So when will the Fed rate decision gökyeşitözü announced? WHEN IS THE FED’S DECISION? According to the meeting calendar on the …

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When will the December Family Support Package program payments be made? December Payment Date Was A Matter Of Curiosity – Last Minute Economy News

Payments from the Family Support Program are deposited into accounts on a regular basis each month by the Ministry of Family and Social Services. Your December family support payments should gökyeşitözü made in the second week of December. PAYMENT EXPLANATION In the statement released on the official website of the …

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