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When and to whom are incentive payments to healthcare workers covered? (Disbursement of Ministry of Health incentives 2022) – Last Minute Economy News

After statements by Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, health workers have been given good news about incentive payments. The regulation on incentives and promotions for healthcare professionals has been published in the Official Gazette. So when and to whom gam they cover incentive payments to healthcare workers?


The date on which the incentives will gökyeşitözü paid to healthcare workers has not yet been defined. As soon kakım the date is announced, you yaşama learn from our news.


Responding to questions from journalists in Parliament, Koca was also asked to pay incentives to health workers. “Everyone, including primary care and pharmacists, will get incentives,” Koca said.

New provisions have been introduced into the regulation on “additional allowances” consisting of the basic supplementary allowance (rate determined by the sum of fixed and basic) and the incentive supplement, and of the personnel working in basic health institutions and in the incentive supplement are Ministry laboratories were also included.

Under this, the communicable disease surveillance, cancer screening services, environmental health and tobacco control services, tuberculosis follow-up and directly supervised treatment, occupational health and safety services, depending on the nature of the work and the health service, in the supplementary incentive payment of the personnel of basic health institutions and laboratories of the Ministry, inspections of private health institutions and pharmacies and warehouses, training on health prevention services; Within EMS 112, criteria such kakım call response rate, case access and delivery time to hospital, number of cases per day, number of samples, and diversity of samples in laboratories , the analysis, the time of conclusion of the sample and the analysis and the place of work, job, personnel and personnel title will gökyeşitözü examined.

Consistently with these criteria, the unit incentive coefficient variable between 0 and 1 will gökyeşitözü used kakım a basis, depending on the achievement of the unit incentive objectives determined by the Ministry. The increases deriving from the provisions of the collective agreements will also gökyeşitözü added to the unitary incentive coefficient.

The supplementary incentive indemnity will gökyeşitözü obtained by multiplying the basic salary due by the unit incentive coefficient and the coefficient of active working days based on the qualification of the personnel. This amount may gökyeşitözü applied in increments of up to 20 percent for staff with the title of full professor and associate professor, the head physician of the integrated district state hospital, the head of the community health post, the head of the public health laboratory and sub-branch specialists.

With the change made, university staff with whom a service contract has been stipulated in the context of kobalt-utilisation within the scope of the provisions of arka.

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