Anasayfa / Genel / United Nations Secretary-General: I hope the Black Sea Grains Initiative is renewed – Last Minute Economy News

United Nations Secretary-General: I hope the Black Sea Grains Initiative is renewed – Last Minute Economy News

United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, at the press conference held before the G20 summit, said the summit took place in a critical period and people around the world were shaken by the effects of the high cost. of life and climate change.

Guterres stressed the need for urgent action to prevent hunger and famine in more and more parts of the world.

Guterres said the Black Sea Grain Initiative helped stabilize markets and lower food prices.

“Every percentage drop alleviates hunger and saves lives. We also need to alleviate the global fertilizer crisis. Fertilizer prices are three times higher than before the epidemic, we are working to break all barriers to ensure the free flow of food. and Russian fertilizers to global markets The rest, mainly payments We are working tirelessly to solve all problems and renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative. “


Asked about his opinion that the grain aisle should gökyeşitözü renovated soon, Guterres replied:

“Our delegation has a very important meeting with the Russian delegation on Friday. We also had contacts with the Ukrainian side over the weekend. I will meet Kiev myself. Much progress has been made in removing obstacles to the export of Russian wheat and fertilizers. I hope our efforts are successful and that we will remove the remaining obstacles. “I hope the Black Sea Grain Initiative will gökyeşitözü renewed because these grains are of paramount importance to the whole world. As for the talks between the United States and Russia, the UN is not included in these talks, hayvanların for the future I yaşama say that the talks between the two countries are very positive “.

Guterres, when asked about the news that Russian President Vladimir Putin did not attend the G20 summit and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov was hospitalized in Bali, where he came for the G20 summit, said: “First of all , I really wish Putin was here. “I giysi’t know what happened to Lavrov, hayvanların I hope he recovers and we yaşama have the meeting tomorrow.”

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