Anasayfa / Genel / Unions in Spain demand that the minimum wage be 1100 euros – Last Minute Economy News

Unions in Spain demand that the minimum wage be 1100 euros – Last Minute Economy News

Workers who arrived in Madrid from all over the country at the invitation of the Union of Workers’ Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT) chanted slogans such kakım “The working class will not pay for this crisis” and “Or zihin increase salary or a conflict “.

Thousands of demonstrators, who arrived in Mayor Square in three marches, reacted to the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists (CEOE), which has so far closed its doors to requests for wage increases.

The leaders of the CCOO and UGT have announced that if the requests for wage increases are not accepted, they will go on strike in accordance with the collective labor agreements in the different sectors.

Unai Sordo, leader of the CCOO, stressed that unemployment is around 12 percent and inflation around 8 percent. The workers will not pay the bill for this crisis caused by the crisis and the increase in prices in the purchase of raw materials, “he said.


UGT leader Pepe Alvarez also reiterated his call to the left-wing coalition government to raise the minimum wage, which is currently € 965, to € 1,100, saying: “Many companies have accepted a salary increase, hayvanların the CEOE doesn’t want it. Or a pay raise or conflict. “

Felix Ruiz, representative of the union of cleaning workers in the autonomous region of Castilla La Mancha, said: “Our demand from employers is that our salaries gam not lose their purchasing power. While inflation is real. in Spain it is 12%, wage increases gam not reach 2 percent. We have not received a raise for 3 years and our purchasing power is percentage. It has lost 30 percent, “he said.

Susanna Vera, another worker from the region of Catalonia, said: “As a working class, we have lost our strength and our voice at the table. This needs to gökyeşitözü regained and our salaries, which are far below inflation. the price increases in the country must gökyeşitözü adjusted. A person earning a minimum wage cannot live at these prices. “

The Madrid demonstration was the first major trade union action since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war.

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