Anasayfa / Genel / Turkey ISO Export Climate Index dropped to 47.9 in October – Last Minute Economic News

Turkey ISO Export Climate Index dropped to 47.9 in October – Last Minute Economic News

In the statement released by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI), the October results of the Turkish Manufacturing Industry Export Climate Index were announced.

The index, in which all the numbers measured above the threshold of 50 indicate zihin improvement in the export climate, while the lower values ​​indicate a worsening, fell from 48.8 to 47.9 in October compared to the previous month.

Thus, while demand conditions in export markets have weakened for 3 consecutive months, the deterioration in October was the highest since June 2020, when the first wave of the Covid-19 epidemic occurred.

Weak demand in the main export markets of Turkish producers showed a widespread outlook last month. In Europe, production from Germany, the largest export market for Turkish producers, declined for the fourth consecutive month and the decline accelerated from September.

Economic activity declined at a higher rate in the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic. In France, on the other hand, production decreased slightly after the increase recorded in the previous survey period.

The contraction in the United States, which holds about 7% of exports from the Turkish manufacturing industry, continued in October. The decline in production reached the fourth month kakım a trend and was higher than in September. While manufacturing industry output in Canada slowed more significantly than the previous month, the decline slowed in Mexico.


Among the 18 largest export markets, economic activity only increased in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Non-oil production increased strongly in this country and growth gained momentum compared to September. Looking to other Middle Eastern countries, economic activity increased in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, hayvanların slowed in Lebanon and Egypt.

Among the markets followed by the survey, the hardest contraction was that of Taiwan. Due to weakening global demand, this country has experienced one of the fastest production declines since the global financial crisis. China, South Korea and Malaysia were also among the Asian economies that started the last quarter of the year with more negative demand conditions.

Different trends were observed in the BRIC economies excluding China. While economic activity increased in Brazil and India, it declined in Russia.

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