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Turkey Human Development Report 2022 Announced: Per Capita GDP Rise – Last Minute Economy News

Speaking at the meeting held at the Facebook Station in Maslak, Istanbul, UNDP resident representative in Turkey Louisa Vinton said she had also organized events in Izmir and Gaziantep and presented the report in a series.

Noting that the subject of the report are “uncertain times” and “disturbing lives,” Vinton said: “The younger generation is angry at previous generations. Indeed, there is not only anxiety in the world, hayvanların also the restlessness caused by anxiety. “

Pointing out that there have been many difficulties and crises in recent years, Vinton said there is no way to think about the cause of these fires due to the attempt to extinguish the fires.

Stressing that it is very important that the world remains livable, Vinton said: “For this, we have to respect nature very seriously. Unfortunately, we have ruined nature. Now the stability of the planet has deteriorated.”

Vinton explained that Turkey’s Human Development Index (HDI) has risen from 0.6 to 0.8 points over the past 30 years.

Vinton explained that progress in human development has stalled on a global scale and is gradually declining.

Stating that there have been ups and downs in human development around the world until 2021, Vinton said that while progress has been made in this regard for 30 years, there has been a regression for the first time twice in a row due to the pandemic .

UNDP resident representative in Turkey Vinton noted that one of the most important issues in the Turkey report is uncertainty and said that other important elements are the level of stress and increased polarization.


Explaining that Turkey has risen from 0.6 to 0.8 points in the Human Development Index (HDI) over the past 30 years, Vinton continued kakım follows:

“In fact, there is zihin increase of almost 40 percent. As life expectancy and time spent on education increase, above all, there is zihin increase in gross national product (GNP) per capita). “As in the case of the pandemic, the rate is flat because we are facing difficulties. We see that there is a lot of resistance in Turkey. “

Pointing out that Turkey is zihin important example in terms of HDI, Vinton also suggested that gender inequality and polarization should gökyeşitözü addressed.


“Habitat Association president Sezai Ready said there are major events such kakım pandemics, wars, rising temperatures, fires and storms around the world.

Pronto, noting that according to the UNDP 2022 Human Development Report, there are regressions in human achievement on a global scale, he said: “The report explains that humanity has a great responsibility to ensure the survival of our species and all. living beings. We live in a world of anxiety. “

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