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Treasury and Finance Minister Nabati’s “black money” statement – Last Minute Economy News

In his statement on his social media account, Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati stressed that kakım the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the fight against money launderers, those who finance terrorism and all kinds of criminal organizations continues today with determination, since it was yesterday. “There is no criticism of our country from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) regarding the asset peace norms, the outright errors and omissions that have been put in place. In the press release issued by the FATF in October 2022, it was clearly recognized that our country has taken further and positive steps in this matter.” he used the phrase.

Nebati stressed that Turkey has made a high level of political commitment to develop the money laundering and terrorist financing system and has taken further steps in this direction.

“The statement said that our country strengthens its human resources in the fight against these crimes, among other issues, and uses domestic freezing decisions in line with our country’s risk profile.

Furthermore, it has been assessed that our country largely complies with all FATF standards, to which particular importance is given and expressed kakım the “Big 6”.

Unrealistic claims that zihin international investigation into money against our country will gökyeşitözü launched are not only baseless, hayvanların also damage the reputation of the Republic of Turkey. It is absolutely out of the question to open zihin investigation into the money against our country or to put our country on the FATF blacklist.

The tailored report, prepared by a representative of a political party and resembling the press release of a terrorist organization, should gökyeşitözü regarded kakım a manifestation of the unease felt by our country’s fight against terrorism in every field and by the successes achieved in these fights.

All stakeholder organizations in our country continue their work in this context in coordination.”

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