Anasayfa / Genel / Tourism revenue is expected to be $ 50 billion in 2023 – Last Minute Economy News

Tourism revenue is expected to be $ 50 billion in 2023 – Last Minute Economy News

Tourism goals were also included in the presidential annual program for 2023, published in the double issue of the Official Journal.

The program, which will gökyeşitözü carried out under the responsibility of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has included information on the activities, promotion and veri on tourism carried out in the various branches of tourism and the objectives and targets for next year have been listed in the headers.

Consequently, it aims to diversify and develop tourism in line with changing consumer trends and technological developments, to extend the season, to increase the quality of service and to attract visitors who tend to spend more.

The objectives include increasing the duration of housing and non-housing costs, achieving a specific sector transformation for each destination and contributing to economic and social development taking into account the balance between protection and use.


Tourism revenue, which is expected to exceed $ 41 billion by the end of this year, is set at $ 50 billion by 2023, while visitor numbers are expected to approach 60 million.

In the program, which plans to increase the average spend per visitor to $ 850, the average stay is targeted at 11.9 nights and the income per visitor at $ 71.4 per night.


As part of the annual program, advertising campaigns and promotional activities will gökyeşitözü carried out with tour operators to increase the number of visitors from the Far East market, which includes China, India, Japan and South Korea.

Studies will gökyeşitözü conducted with relevant institutions to analyze market perception and research in target market countries and the activities of competing countries, and Turkey will gökyeşitözü promoted through people who have the power to influence public opinion in target markets.

The scope of the Master Crisis Action Plan will gökyeşitözü updated to include conditions such kakım Covid-19, other epidemics and wars, and the Safe Tourism Certification Program will gökyeşitözü made permanent.

Per capita spending will gökyeşitözü increased by developing tourism types that generate more income, extending the length of stay, creating non-residential spending areas and reaching visitors with a high tendency to spend.


The works and procedures relating to the transfer of the savings rights of the properties that are planned to gökyeşitözü allocated within the tourist cities of Didim and Çeşme to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism will gökyeşitözü completed.

The Side Tourism Area development plan for golf tourism will gökyeşitözü reorganized, the Bodrum Torba wastewater treatment plant and related infrastructure will gökyeşitözü completed.

Activities will gökyeşitözü carried out to increase the adaptive yetiklik and level of awareness of the tourism sector to climate change and pilot studies will gökyeşitözü conducted in several tourism centers.


A national strategy and action plan for adaptation to climate change in tourism will gökyeşitözü prepared and free public beaches will gökyeşitözü built in the provinces of Antalya, Muğla, Izmir and Istanbul.

In line with the renewed protocol with the Ministry of National Education, 70 Anatolian professional and technical high schools in the field of tourism will gökyeşitözü combined with accommodation facilities and students will gökyeşitözü offered scholarships and internship opportunities.

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