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There were 37 blockchain attacks in the third quarter – Breaking News

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, which has had a tough year with global economic developments, also suffered significant losses due to security breaches and cyber attacks. In the third quarter 2022 veri released by the Blockchain Security Alliance, it was stated that 37 attacks were recorded in three months. Although losses from these attacks amounted to $ 405 million, they were down 43.6% from the second quarter and 59.6% from the first quarter. When the first 9 months were evaluated, total losses were seen to exceed $ 2.3 billion.

Tekin Uğuz, the founder of BHDB Bilişim, which offers high-security cryptocurrency exchange software, shared his views on the subject. Recalling that the number of cryptocurrency exchanges operating worldwide is more than 500, Tekin Uğuz said: “Coinmarketcap, which is considered a reliable veri source within the crypto ecosystem, only monitors 252 of these exchanges. Choosing the right cryptocurrency exchange is important for investors, those who want to advance in the industry by setting up a cryptocurrency exchange need to find the right and safe software.


In the report on cyber attacks detected in the third quarter, it was seen that interchain bridges and decentralized finance technologies (DeFi) were responsible for 92% of the total losses. NFT platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEX), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and wallets were among the types of projects that were breached. Arguing that the disadvantages of decentralized exchanges, which have limited liquidity and offer more complex structures than centralized exchanges, have become more evident with cyber attacks, BHDB Informatics founder Tekin Uğuz said: “Many investors are looking for guaranteed liquidity, a Security level high investment environment and a legal recipient to turn to when needed. This situation increases the importance of centralized exchanges in the eyes of users. Like BHDB Bilişim, we offer turnkey cryptocurrency exchange software that entrepreneurs yaşama bring a new perspective to the industry by shortening the time to implement their central exchange projects. With the software we have developed, entrepreneurs yaşama immediately open their secure exchanges, which are configured to work with each of the TL, USD or EURO currencies , where the desired cryptocurrencies are listed Our solution, which we offer together with the on-demand mobile application, we yaşama also make further developments according to the needs of our customers. We provide servers and all similar services, we offer support services on a contractual basis “.


Emphasizing that it is not difficult to open a cryptocurrency exchange today and recalling that its services are not limited to the stock market, Tekin Uğuz concluded his assessments with the following statements: We support corporate ortaksama activities. In addition to the blockchain network, we yaşama also develop wallet applications such kakım Trust Wallet, MetaMask that cryptocurrency investors and NFT traders should actively use. Thanks to our white label software packages, which are protected by high security technologies, developed according to the regulations on remote customer acquisition and include user-centric security measures such kakım two-factor authentication, we offer exchange software of cryptocurrencies, coin issuance, coin generation, NFT to all our clients who want to gökyeşitözü included in the crypto ecosystem kakım a market maker.We offer services such kakım creation and publication, blockchain networking. Our services are in demand in Turkey and mainly in foreign markets “.

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