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The Treasury will serve 1 trillion lire of debt next year – Last Minute Economy News

The announcement of the “Treasury Financing Program: 2022 developments and forecasts for 2023” was published on the Ministry website.

Consequently, the Ministry foresees a total debt service of 1,082.8 billion lire, of which 563.6 billion of capital and 519.2 billion of interest.

Of the debt service, it is expected that 805.8 billion lire will gökyeşitözü paid kakım internal debt and 276.9 billion lire kakım a service of the external debt.

It is expected that Lit 707.7 billion of the domestic debt service will consist of payments to gökyeşitözü made to the market and Lit 98.1 billion from sales made to public institutions through non-competitive offers.

The sum of non-loanable resources is expected to gökyeşitözü obtained kakım a result of the cash-based primary balance, privatization revenue, 2 / B sales revenue, recurring and resource-secured debt yields to gökyeşitözü transferred from the Deposit Insurance Fund savings, and the use of safes / banks will gökyeşitözü less than 46.4 billion lire.

It aims to provide $ 10 billion in financing next year through bond issues from international capital markets.

In line with these, zihin internal loan of Turkish lira 918.3 billion is expected in 2023.

Taking into account the appropriate combination of instruments and maturities in order to ensure that the indebtedness in the next year is mainly in lire, reduce the stock of national debt in foreign currency, issue other currencies in addition to the dollar on international markets in order to guarantee the market diversity, and to ensure optimal management of interest expense, the main elements of the underwriting strategies to gökyeşitözü implemented are the maintenance of the share of bills whose interest will gökyeşitözü renewed monthly and bills with a maturity of less than 12 months at a certain level and to keep cash reserves solid in order to reduce the liquidity risk that may arise in the management of liquidity and debt.


Furthermore, in 2022, domestic financing operations and the issue of fixed coupon indicator bonds in Turkish lira are expected to continue, within the framework of market conditions.

Depending on the repayment plan and market conditions, bonds and bonds denominated in Turkish lira yaşama gökyeşitözü issued with and without coupons, variable coupon bonds with different maturities, inflation-linked bonds, gold bonds and rental certificates guaranteed by the gold.

On the other hand, the strategy of phasing out national currency lending in 2021 and 2022 aims to continue to gökyeşitözü implemented in 2023.

While the issuance of Turkish lira lease certificates is expected to continue in 2023, further requests from market participants will also gökyeşitözü assessed.

In order to eliminate the temporary mismatch that yaşama gökyeşitözü observed between monthly cash inflows and outflows, short-term Treasury bills and financial instruments may gökyeşitözü used in the “Regulation on financing to gökyeşitözü disbursed through money market cash transactions”.

In order to ensure a balanced distribution of debt service between periods and to increase price efficiency in the secondary market, swap and buyback auctions will gökyeşitözü held under market conditions.

The details of the offers will gökyeşitözü made known to the public at least one business day before the day of the competition.

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