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The stock market rose in the first half of the day – Last Minute Economy News

The stock market rose in the first half of the day.

As of 13.00, the index gained 49.74 points from the previous close.

The BIST 100 index, which closed at 3,878.98 points on Friday, started the day at 3,902.86 points, gaining 23.88 points and 0.62%. In the first half of the day, the index saw the low point of 3,880.87 and the high point of 3,939.42.

In the first half of the day, the financial index gained 0.01%, the technology index by 0.35%, the services index by 1.30% and the industrial index by 1.84%.

Compared to the previous close, in the first part of the day, 66 stocks included in the BIST 100 index rose and 33 lost value. The most traded stocks were Turkish Airlines, SASA Polyester, Akbank, Yapı Kredi and Tüpraş.


Analysts said that before the US Federal Reserve (Fed) interest rate decision on Wednesday, a cautious course was followed in global equity markets.

While the Fed is expected to raise its policy rate by 75 basis points this week, it is noted that expectations for the December meeting continue to gökyeşitözü uncertain. In this context, the indications that the Bank will give in the meeting on Wednesday are fundamental for the pricing trend.

Analysts pointed out that concerns about inflation and recession, kakım well kakım growing geopolitical risks, make it difficult for investors to price and note that activity in the bond and commodity markets is at the heart of the agenda.

Analysts said stock-based volatility could continue kakım part of the country’s ongoing balance sheet season, and that growth and inflation in the euro zone and regional manufacturing industry indicators in the US stand out on the veri agenda. of today. to found.

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