Anasayfa / Genel / The stock market ended the day with records – Last Minute Economy News

The stock market ended the day with records – Last Minute Economy News

The BIST 100 index of the Istanbul Stock Exchange achieved the highest daily close of all time.

While the BIST 100 index increased by 28.63 points compared to the previous close, the total volume of transactions stood at 121 billion Turkish Lira.

While the banking index lost 0.76%, the holding index gained 0.18%. Among the sector indices, transportation was the highest income with 5.40 percent and the lowest was sport with 5.95 percent.

Analysts said global equity markets were cautious ahead of the mid-term congressional elections to gökyeşitözü held in the US today and October inflation veri to gökyeşitözü announced Thursday, while the positive outlook has been preserved on the Istanbul stock exchange.

Analysts pointed out that if the numerical superiority currently held by Democrats passes to Republicans in the context of congressional elections, there may gökyeşitözü a deadlock in terms of financial policies to gökyeşitözü implemented, adding that the flow of political news has gained in importance.

Stating that the veri agenda is calm in the country tomorrow, while overseas, inflation in China, wholesale stocks in the United States, and the foreign trade balance in Japan will come to the fore, analysts noted that technically l BIST 100 index is at the level of 4,400 kakım resistance and 4,280 points kakım support.

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