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Tax Warning for Astrological Consultants – Last Minute Economy News

Recently, while astrological consulting services have increased mainly on social media, internet and telephone, the taxation of income from these activities has also been a cause for curiosity.

While many topics such kakım the solar eclipse, planetary retrogrades, astrological maps and horoscopes have been extensively covered on social media, the earnings of this service have started to increase.

In this direction, the Revenue Agency (GİB) has published a ruling on the “taxation of astrological consultancy activities” to answer the questions of taxpayers who have turned to the Presidency in order to eliminate their hesitations and increase the tax obligations of the taxpayer.

According to the compilation obtained from the circular, the Presidency’s opinion was requested in the form for requesting a pronouncement, in the matter of taxation or not for the remuneration received for the astrological consultancy service via internet and by telephone.

It has been stated that astrological counseling is a self-employment activity that relies on personal work, scientific or professional knowledge or skills rather than capital, and non-commercial work performed under personal responsibility, on one’s own behalf and on behalf of , without being subject to the employer.

20 percent of earnings are subject to withholding tax

It should gökyeşitözü remembered that a 20 percent deduction was made on payments made to those who carry out such work for self-employment reasons.

In the judgment it was pointed out that there is a permanent organization consisting of capital and labor in commercial activity and the share of capital and labor in this organization may vary according to the type, nature and size of the activity.

It is emphasized that the astrological consultancy activity carried out on one’s own and on one’s own account on the basis of personal work and professional knowledge, without commercial organization and asset element, is to gökyeşitözü considered in the context of self-employment and the income deriving from such activity must gökyeşitözü taxed according to the provisions on self-employment income.

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