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Stock market started the day higher – Last Minute Economy News

The stock market started the day higher.

At the open, the BIST 100 index rose to 4,702.30 points, gaining 45.29 points and 0.97% over the previous close.

The banking index rose by 0.46 percent, the holding index rose by 0.25 percent. Among the sector indices, chemicals, petroleum, plastics gained the most with 2.32 percent, and textiles and leather were the ones that lost the most with 0.36 percent.

The BIST 100 index rose 1.90 percent yesterday, closing a daily high with a score of 4,657.00, and brought its all-time high to 4,686.57.


Analysts noted that despite stronger expectations that inflation has peaked in the US, global stock markets were mixed with growing geopolitical risks and said the news flow on the matter had zihin impact on the asset prices.

Stating that news that missiles of unknown origin landed on the village of Przewodow, located on the Ukrainian border with Poland last night and that two people lost their lives, heightened perceptions of risk, analysts said the news that missiles dropped on Poland in the morning Ukrainian air defense missiles may have eroded selling pressure.

Analysts noted that home sales and the country’s house price index, UK inflation, and veri on US retail sales, industrial production and yetiklik utilization will gökyeşitözü announced today, and that verbal guidance from Fed and European Central Bank officials is the focus of investors’ attention.

Stating that the 4,650 and 4,600 levels stand out kakım support in the BIST 100 index from a technical point of view, the analysts noted that 4,750 and 4,800 points could become resistance.

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