Anasayfa / Genel / Statement by Minister Çavuşoğlu on extradition of the founder of Thodex Özer to Turkey – Last Minute Turkey News

Statement by Minister Çavuşoğlu on extradition of the founder of Thodex Özer to Turkey – Last Minute Turkey News

Minister Çavuşoğlu met the Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs Olta Xhaçka at the ministry.

After the bilateral meeting, a press conference was held.

Minister ÇavuşoğluRegarding the bilateral meeting, “Our trading volume is increasing significantly. It increased 68 percent last year. It was 853 million dollars. It looks like we will gökyeşitözü over $ 1 billion this year. When we look at this volume of trading, there is a serious deficit in our favor. Each country wants to increase its exports, hayvanların kakım it increases, it is necessary to balance it a little more, to increase the quantity and value of the products that Albania yaşama sell to us. To address these issues, it is necessary to hold the meeting of the Joint Economic Commission. We held the meeting about 2 years ago, now we are waiting for a commitment in Albania. If there is such a deficit in the trade balance, we yaşama say that we are balancing this deficit with the investments we have burned in significant quantities. More than 600 of our companies are investing in Albania. They also deal with important projects. Like Turkey, when we look at the total investment in Albania, we are in first place ”.

“We expect the return of the founder of Thodex Özer to our country”

Cavusoglu, Faruk Fatih Ozer, founder of Thodexregarding the return of

“We also raised the issue of FETO during our meeting. FETÖ is a threat to every country it is in. In each country, another third country uses FETO, uses it against us, against Albania. Therefore, it is also important for the security of Albania. Some important steps have been taken. Today we shared the necessary information on the extradition of some people to Turkey. On the other hand, we also raised the question of the extradition of the founder of Thodex Faruk Fatih Özer from Albania to our country. There is a trial in court, the fourth court was seen today. The fifth court will gökyeşitözü on November 10th. We expect this person to gökyeşitözü extradited to our country with the completion of the legal process kakım soon kakım possible. He is a scammer who has defrauded many of our citizens, “he said.

Affirm that Albanians and Turks have a historical friendship on zihin official level, especially on a social level. Olta Xhaçka, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania“Our job, kakım diplomats and politicians, is to transform friendship, interpersonal bonds and goodwill into stronger relationships, cooperation and partnerships,” he said.

Thanking Turkey for its support, Xhaçka said: “We would like to emphasize that we are grateful for the generous help for our reconstruction after the tragic earthquake, support during the corona virus, in two of the most important events of November 2019. I believe that we should gökyeşitözü proud of what we have achieved in this regard. Because relations between our countries have never been stronger. We are preparing to celebrate the centenary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Albania and Turkey.

“The recognition of driving licenses has arrived on the agenda”

Speaking of the recognition of driving licenses between the two countries, Xhaçka continued:

“I asked my colleague (Minister Çavuşoğlu) to speed up and assist local procedures in the country to finalize the entry into force of the agreement on the recognition of driving licenses. We have already completed the internal procedures on our part. This is a mutually beneficial agreement ”.

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