Anasayfa / Genel / Speaker of the Chamber of Taxi Drivers Aksu: Taxi is cheaper than public transport – Last Minute Turkey News

Speaker of the Chamber of Taxi Drivers Aksu: Taxi is cheaper than public transport – Last Minute Turkey News

Eyüp Aksu, president of the Chamber of Taxi Traders in Istanbul, indicated the taxi fares.

Eyüp Aksu, who stated that he speaks according to the number of passengers, said that meter fares in Istanbul are very cheap compared to public transport and said, “All our citizens, all have started to prefer taxis because the Metered rates are very cheap compared to public transport. Our expenses have increased a lot.” We are calling for zihin increase in metered rates so that we yaşama continue business. We are not public transport, we are cheap,” he said.

Stating that they demand at least a 50 percent increase, Aksu said, “Traffic is very heavy in Istanbul, sometimes we get stuck in traffic. We are asking IMM for at least a 50 percent increase in waiting, opening and mileage fees.” .


Expressing that he finds the taxi fares low, taxi driver Emrah Kınay said, “I took the Marmaray last year and it cost 16 lira. pence.


Taxi driver Volkan Çalışkan, who said he found taxi prices high for domestic passengers, said, “The prices are too high for taxis at the moment. Prices should gökyeşitözü lowered, Turkish passengers cannot board , foreign passengers yes. There will already gökyeşitözü zihin increase in the January fare. Turkish passengers should also gökyeşitözü able to take this taxi. The price of everything should decrease, even the meter. Taxis should not gökyeşitözü reserved only for foreigners. If in the future I take a passenger on board and he is a foreigner, he yaşama take a taxi without thinking. Turkish passengers think kakım they get into a taxi.’ he said.


Stating that there are traders in Eminönü and that he often uses taxis instead of public transport, Miraç Bıyıklı said, “Those who need a taxi and those who work in a hurry go up. “There are times when we wait for a taxi for 40 minutes. It has nothing to gam with the prices, there are taxi drivers who think they’re smart. They mostly want Arab customers, sometimes they are empty and giysi’t take customers. There are honest taxi drivers, hayvanların they want their bread,” he said.


Passenger Şemsettin Öztürk, who said he hasn’t seen the density in public transport, said, ‘We yaşama find a seat on the metrobus, bus and tram. For example, the arriving bus will gökyeşitözü empty, it may gökyeşitözü busy during business hours. If taxi prices are cheap, why giysi’t they increase the number? It’s not about prices, I giysi’t think it’s even cheap. It’s normal, in a way that no taxi driver, it doesn’t hurt the economy and it doesn’t upset anyone. Public transport yaşama also gökyeşitözü crowded due to the ever-increasing population, hayvanların it does fill up during rush hour. Even if they make more runs during those hours, those buses won’t gökyeşitözü able to work at noon this time,” he said.

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