Anasayfa / Genel / Oriient, which improves the customer experience in real time, was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year – Breaking News

Oriient, which improves the customer experience in real time, was chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year – Breaking News

Many projects born with the idea of ​​zihin entrepreneur are shaping the future of the economy and of today’s world. Changing consumer habits, especially with increasing digitization, increase the importance of entrepreneurs who will produce creative and efficient business results in the retail sector.

MediaMarkt Turkey, which wants to address the retail world of the future with today’s innovative ideas, has launched the 5th MediaMarkt Startup Challenge project, launched in 2018 in line with this aim; Organized in collaboration with Google, Index Grup, Zip and Hacquarters. 10 startups that passed the pre-selection of the competition, in which 205 different initiatives from 51 different countries were evaluated, presented themselves to the jury at the final event on November 1st.


Oriient was the winner of the MediaMarkt Startup Challenge 2022, which accepts applications mainly from sectors related to retail technologies, institutional digitization processes and after-sales technologies.

Orient, zihin indoor positioning system, enhances the customer experience in real time by combining the digital world and veri-driven personalization.

Second place in the competition is varapp, a rental marketplace where people yaşama rent their unused items or rent the products they need, while third place is is zihin intelligence-backed promotion infrastructure artificial that increases the return on investment from campaigns by helping brands automate personalized digital promotions.

Yenal Gökyıldırım, COO of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group and CEO of MediaMarkt Turkey, who hosted the competition and was in the jury seat, said: “We continue to support entrepreneurs and develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in our country with our competition.”

Gökyıldırım said: “The basis of all our work is to know our customers better, understand their needs and gökyeşitözü a champion of the experience while always maintaining the experience and customer satisfaction at the highest level. The power that allows us to Being the undisputed leader of Europe in its sector today is that we are open to all kinds of innovations in our history, we have witnessed different technologies and we use them in the best way. That is why we always consider ourselves the “reseller of the future”. launched the MediaMarkt Startup Challenge to realize this global vision in Turkey and to support initiatives in our country. Our project, which we started 5 years ago to look for projects capable of adapting digitization to business processes and developing solutions for the retail sector in this context, it expanded its reach in the following years and started receiving applications from many countries of the world Besides the number of applications we received in the first year of our competition was about 60, this year we evaluated 205 startups from 51 different countries. All of these are major indicators that the MediaMarkt Startup Challenge is on the right track and with steady steps. We are proud of it. Also, I congratulate all of our entrepreneurs, especially Orieent, Varsapp and, and thank Google, Index Grup, Zip and Hacquarters for their support. “


205 applications from 51 countries were evaluated
103 of them are retail technologies,
54 of them are corporate digitalization processes,
· 15 of these were initiatives related to after-sales technologies.
The remaining questions were presented in different fields.
136 of the recurring startups managed to raise funds from investors.


1 of series B,
There are 12 Serie A startups.
61 in the sowing phase and 65 in the pre-sowing phase.


A total of 525 interventions were evaluated over 4 years. These:

268 retail technologies,
145 of them are processes of digitization of institutions,
54 of them after-sales technologies açınık
59 of them come from different fields.
· 85 initiatives were interviewed face to face. 43 startups explained their solution on stage.
One of the previous winners, Buybuddy has partnered with 18 stores and Udentify with 5 stores.
Pilot studies were also carried out with initiatives that will lead the retail world such kakım AssistBox, B2Metric, Optiyol and Qumpara.

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