Anasayfa / Genel / Ministry response to claim that ‘exporting’ VAT refund credits have not been paid ‘- Last Minute Economy News

Ministry response to claim that ‘exporting’ VAT refund credits have not been paid ‘- Last Minute Economy News

The Treasury and Finance Ministry issued a written statement despite claims that “the exporters’ VAT refund credits have not been paid”.

In a written statement issued by the Ministry, it was stated that the claims of “Exporters’ VAT refund credits are not paid” and “The VAT refund period in exports approached 7 months” in some media outlets they did not reflect the truth.

Given that the VAT refund is a process that begins with the presentation of information and documents relating to the goods exported by the exporting companies to the tax administration and is completed after the necessary checks have been carried out, it has been stressed that the rapid return and controlled by the aforementioned declarations is one of the most delicate issues of the Revenue Agency. .

The statement states that the developing technology has been adapted to the system and that the technology has been used kakım much kakım possible in order to ensure that the VAT refund processes are carried out quickly and accurately by the Presidency.

“However, it should not gökyeşitözü forgotten that it is of great importance that the VAT refund gökyeşitözü made with the same precision and speed, that is, after passing the necessary checks so kakım not to allow for irregularities or errors. 9 months of 2022 is about 204 billion Turkish lira, and this amount is about 204 billion lire. About 130 billion lire is due to exports and recommended shipments for export. carried out in the first 9 months of 2022 are 42 days, it is clear that it has nothing to gam with it, it is purely fictitious.


Furthermore, with the legislation on the declaration, there are rules that oblige taxpayers to make the requested refund within 5 or 10 working days. For example, the reimbursement requests of taxpayers holding zihin Accelerated Redemption System certificate and taxpayers who benefit from the Incremental Guarantee Application are satisfied within 5 working days. In the same article there is another unfortunate statement that the amount of VAT that exporters expect to gökyeşitözü refunded is 500 billion lire. As of 25 October 2022, the amount of pending refund requests from all taxpayers, including exporters, is approximately 56 billion lire. Every day the tax offices return zihin average of 1.3 billion lire and new requests for reimbursement arrive every day. It is possible to repay this amount in 43 days by making a daily repayment of 1.3 billion lire. However, kakım return requests are continuous, the pending return amount will always gökyeşitözü available.

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