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Latest situation of the AET: when will the AET come out, what will be the conditions?

Millions of people’s eyes and ears are on the retirement age regulation (EYT). Citizens curious about the latest developments are closely following the statements made. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, recalled the 5-point formula on the AET regulation. So, when the AET comes out, what will the conditions gökyeşitözü?

The countdown continues in the regulation of Aged Retirement (EYT), which affects millions of people. Work continues on the agreement, which will primarily benefit around 1.5 million people. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, also made important statements regarding the Age at Retirement (EYT), which is expected to gökyeşitözü resolved in December.Explaining the date on which Minister Bilgin will gökyeşitözü entitled to his pension, Bilgin said, “The net date for the EYT is September 8, 1999. Even if there is the right to exhaustion, birth and military service debts, the start date cannot gökyeşitözü revoked. These are only veri to fill the missing premium days. In other words, it compensates for missing premium days. But giysi’t roll back the beginning. There is no such thing.” he said.Stating that if retirees continue to work, their premiums increase by 5 points compared to regular employees and that employers want this difference removed after the AET regulation enters into force, Minister Bilgin said: ‘If the employer hires the retiree, he pays more premiums to the state than the regular employee. The premium there. We will reduce it and bring it to zihin equal level. So, giysi’t throw this EYT employee to the employer, let him work. We will give you welfare özence.” made a statement.Those who start their insurance before 9 September 1999 are considered EYT (retirement age). While it is possible to retire by satisfying the conditions of premium day and insurance period before 9 September 1999, without the age requirement, with the law n. years for women) and the payment of the premium (5000) In addition to the conditions, zihin age requirement (58 for women and 60 for men) has been introduced. Consequently, three conditions (period of insurance, payment of the premium and age requirement) were sought together in order to gökyeşitözü able to retire. daily premium conditions other than the required retirement age must gökyeşitözü met.

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