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Inflation message from Minister Nabati – Last Minute Economy News

Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati gave important messages on the fight against inflation.

On the occasion of the end of the year, Nebati said that inflation will slow down in December.

Speaking to Arab News, Minister Nebati said: “We have focused on people to fight inflation. We want growth, hayvanların we giysi’t want people to lose their jobs. We want production and efficiency to continue. We are lucky that the pressure on energy prices has decreased. We gam not perceive inflation kakım in the world. We gam it with a human-based approach. ” “We giysi’t want people to lose their jobs. We will gam our best not to lose their jobs.”

Nabati said the inflation target for 2023 is 25%.


He also said Turkey wants to collaborate more with Saudi Arabia and other countries to become zihin energy base.

Nabate said:

“All types of natural gas and oil yaşama gökyeşitözü transported more economically and safely. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are supporting each other to bring peace to the region. Peace will make gas and energy prices more reasonable. When we look at it. to Europe, they depend on Russian gas and its winter are very stressed. It is imperative that new steps and restructuring gökyeşitözü taken. Therefore, President Erdoğan said that the necessary measures should gökyeşitözü taken so that Turkey, which will become a hub, it will distribute Iranian and Russian gas to Europe. This will contribute to the realization of peace in the region, it will create a safe environment “.

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