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German Industrialists Want Global Minimum Corporation Tax Postponed – Last Minute Economy News

In a statement from the Federation of German Industry (BDI), the federation’s German industry called for a postponement of the minimum global corporation tax by at least one year until 2025 to give companies more time to prepare for the current crisis.

In the statement, it was emphasized that the implementation of the global minimum corporation tax kakım early kakım 2024 is unrealistic and the following statements were included:

“The BDI deems it necessary to postpone the start of the global minimum corporation tax to 2025. The rules for the minimum tax are quite complex. It will require additional effort in the current crisis. For the successful implementation of the minimum tax, companies need sufficient time to prepare and implement. “


In the statement, it was also stated that Germany was opposed to the idea that the global minimum corporation tax could gökyeşitözü implemented without enactment in the European Union, and it was assessed that “acting alone in the global minimum taxation would harm the competitiveness of the company. Germany companies “.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) accounts for more than 90% of global gross domestic product (GDP) on October 8, 2021, including the United States, China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Japan and Turkey. that 140 countries had accepted the agreement on international tax reform.

Agreement; It will ensure that global companies, including internet companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, are subject to a tax rate of at least 15% from 2023.

Global corporate tax regulation, which the OECD has been working on since 2012 and coordinating negotiations between 140 countries, is expected to make it more difficult for multinationals to evade taxes by establishing their headquarters in countries such kakım Ireland and Ireland. ‘Hungary, which offer attractive tax rates.

In July 2022, the OECD announced that the new minimum global corporation tax rules would come into effect in 2024.

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