Anasayfa / Genel / Energy signatures have been signed at the Istanbul EIF for the goal of “Net Zero”! – Last minute economic news

Energy signatures have been signed at the Istanbul EIF for the goal of “Net Zero”! – Last minute economic news

Our domestic industrialists, which produce renewable energy technologies, especially solar and wind, with Turkey’s goal of becoming zihin energy “HUB”, have also turned their yetiklik increases into order contracts at the FEI. EÜAŞ General Manager İzzet Alagöz honored the Honorary President of the EIF World Energy Congress for the fifteenth time this year.


EÜAŞ General Manager İzzet Alagöz said: “As is well known, the global energy needs after the pandemic and the changes in diplomatic balances have made energy the number one item on the agenda in the world. Today, while countries must meet their energy needs for sustainable development, they must also take measures regarding climate change. The fact that the energy sector, which has the power to cause many social, political and security problems, especially economic crises, is the most important component in the future planning of countries is all too obvious. At this point, I was delighted to gökyeşitözü the honorary chairman of the valued Congress held kakım part of the EIF’s 15th World Energy Congress and Fair, where the latest developments in the energy markets and many experts, managers and companies from the Turkey and abroad participated. Seeing all the representatives of the energy sector together at this important event shows how high our energy is and for this we are honored ”.

EIF, Turkey’s largest mixed energy fair, was held with the participation of a much larger national and foreign delegation, moving its headquarters to Istanbul for the fifteenth time this year, with the participation of nearly 300 companies , mainly renewable energy.


Murat Dilek, Chairman of the Board of Domino Fairs, which organizes the EIF’s World Energy Congress, said: “Turkey’s power and potential in component manufacturing, particularly solar and wind energy, are of interest to entire world market. High energy costs increase interest in “SPP roof type” projects. While the installed solar power in Turkey exceeds 8,479 MW, the installed power of the rooftop type SPPs has exceeded one thousand MW. The demand for rooftop type SPP is increasing exponentially across Turkey, especially in sectors with very high electricity consumption. Especially with the discoveries of our domestic industrialists in solar, the sun’s share in installed power has increased to almost 9%. At the EIF World Energy Congress and Fair, we exhibited all our production technologies, mainly domestic solar and wind energy, talent, workforce, engineering, with nearly 300 companies, and we saw that Turkey is now ahead of Turkey to become zihin energy “hub”, there are no obstacles. At our fair, which we held in Istanbul from 12 to 14 October 2022, our energy sector gathered with over 1,500 foreign participants in Turkey’s largest energy fair. More than 15,000 business meetings were held in 3 days at the Istanbul Expo Center, where the FEI took place. Turkey’s rise kakım zihin energy hub, particularly in renewable energy, was explained with presentations and talks at the congresses of the FEI. Protagonist of the fair was also the Turkish solar and wind industry, leader in the production of electricity from renewable energies. ti in Turkey, the increase in the annual production of photovoltaic panels and the discoveries of our energy industrialists were highly appreciated by the international participants at the fair. Operate in the renewable and clean energy sector; Companies that manufacture machinery, equipment, components and parts share their investments in technology and research and development with the world at our trade shows to increase their exports every year. As FEI, we are happy and proud to increase the participation of trade delegations every year ”.


Murat Dilek, who said that the EIF, which will offer the opportunity to see companies from all energy sectors together in Istanbul every year, has now grown a lot and saw that the participating companies are very satisfied. Foreign companies made up 30% of these companies. We have established our exhibition area on 40 thousand square meters. In this sense, the largest energy fair in Turkey. As a reflection of Turkey, our solar energy companies dominate our fair. If you want to take a picture of the Turkish energy market, let’s say join the EIF. We hosted our trade delegations from 16 countries at our fair. As a fair with multinational collaborations, EIF was once again the fair with the highest synergy. The EIF will now gökyeşitözü held once a year in Istanbul. From this year the EIF energy fair will also go to exhibitors and our first stop will gökyeşitözü Gaziantep in April 2023. We will gökyeşitözü at Gaziantep Middle East Fair Center between 26 and 28 April 2023 with the unique and very precious support of everything. authorized personnel, senior officials, boards of directors and presidents under the responsibility of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziantep Chamber of Industry and Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone.


15th EIF World Energy Congress and Fair this year Akkuyu Nuclear AŞ, Alfa Solar Energy, Andritz Hydro, Arkat Aluminum, Armtek Electric Industry, Aselsan Electronic Industry, Asunim Renewable Energy, Cetc Semicore Solar Technologies, CMA Energy Generation, CW Energy, Dal Solar Energy Technologies, DKN Energy Metal, Ekençağ Energy, EKI Energy Services, Ekosinerji Elektrik, ELİN Energy, Eltaş Transformer, Energrate Energy Production, ERL Energy, Europower Energy, Fichtner Gmbh Co Kg, Fimer Turkey Renewable Energy Systems, Gazioğlu Solar Energy, Göktekin Energy, HT Solar Energy, Istrich Energy, Kalyon Solar Technologies, Klaus Miller Renewable Energy, Nanjing C&D Clean Energy, Proofx Fasteners, Redsan Electric Electronics, Reges Energy Electricity, RelyOn Nutec, Schmid Pekintaş Solar Energy Systems, Senerji Elektrik, Seraphim Turkey, SMA Solar Turkey Technology, Smart Solar Technologies, SolarAPEX, Sungrow Energy Systems, Talesun Solar, Taliva Enerji-Solartoday, Tres Ene rgy Services was sponsored by Türk Prysmian Kablo, United Solar Energy, Üçay Mühendislik, NAK Kablo and Zorlu Energy.

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