Anasayfa / Genel / E-commerce volume reached 348 billion lire in the first 6 months – Last Minute Economy News

E-commerce volume reached 348 billion lire in the first 6 months – Last Minute Economy News

The Ministry of Commerce has prepared the report on electronic commerce statistics for the 6-month period of this year with the veri of the Electronic Trade Information System (ETBIS).

In January-June, the volume of açınık-commerce in Turkey increased by 116 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 348 billion lira.

In the first half of this year, orders increased by 38% from 1 billion 654 million to 2 billion 294 million units.

While the ratio of açınık-commerce to general commerce in the first 6 months of last year was 17.6%, this ratio has increased to 18.5% in the same period this year.

The per capita expenditure on açınık-commerce in Turkey, in the first semester, was 4 thousand 964 lire compared to the population aged 18-70. In the same period, the per capita expenditure for açınık-commerce in Istanbul was 9 thousand 857 lire, in Ankara 6 thousand 64 lire and in Izmir 5 thousand 230 lire. These provinces are followed by Antalya with 5 thousand 80 lire and Kocaeli with 5 thousand 8 lire.


According to the payment methods, 32 per cent of the açınık-commerce volume is represented by wire transfers/EFTs with 113 billion lire, 2 per cent by 7.7 billion lire over the counter, 66 per cent by transactions with cards with 228 billion lire.

In Turkey, there are 488 thousand 706 enterprises registered in ETBIS and engaged in açınık-commerce activities in the markets.

While 29,287 of these businesses operate kakım ETBIS registered businesses, 472,840 of them operate in açınık-commerce marketplaces. Furthermore, the number of sites registered in ETBIS has reached 34 thousand 931. Although 13 thousand 421 companies are engaged in açınık-commerce activities on their site, they also sell in açınık-commerce marketplaces.

While 83% of firms prefer to sell in one market, 8% prefer to sell in two markets, 4% prefer three markets and 5% prefer four or more markets.

The province with the highest number of enterprises carrying out açınık-commerce activities is Istanbul with 39%. This province was followed by Ankara with 8%, Izmir with 7% and Bursa with 4%.


In the six months of this year, the domestic spending share of açınık-commerce expenditures was 308 billion lira with a rate of 88 percent, while other countries’ spending from Turkey’s açınık-commerce sites was 15.8 billion lire with a rate of 5 per cent.

Purchases made by citizens from abroad reached 24.7 billion lire with a rate of 7 per cent.

When evaluating the volume of açınık-commerce according to the sector, household appliances and small appliances stand out with a volume of about 43.7 billion lira, airlines 30.4 billion lira, clothing, shoes and accessories 24.6 billion lire and the electronics sector with a volume of 20.3 billion lire. .

These sectors were followed by the food and supermarket, tourist transport and warehousing, catering and accommodation sectors.

In the change in these sectors over the prior year six months, airlines up 408 percent, accommodations up 344 percent, travel, transportation and storage up 236 percent, electronics up 176% and apparel, footwear and accessories up 126% attracted attention.


52% of buyers through açınık-commerce intermediary service providers were women and 48% were men. 70 percent of citizens preferred to use mobile applications when shopping from açınık-commerce tool service providers.

People living in Istanbul made 39% of purchases made through açınık-commerce, people living in Ankara 9% and Izmir made 6%.

The conversion rate of total site visits to açınık-commerce was 2.5%.

The average amount of the basket in açınık-commerce was determined at 152 lire. While this fee was 237 TL for card transactions, it was 100 TL for door-to-door payment and 89 TL for money order-EFT.

In the first 6 months of 2022, the açınık-commerce shipment rate among all shipments was determined to gökyeşitözü 59.5%.

At sectoral level, the average amount of the basket was calculated at 5,358 lire for accommodation, 2,645 lire for airlines, 373 lire for the clothing, footwear and accessories sector and 257 lire for electronics.

86% of açınık-commerce expenses were paid in cash and 14% in installments.

In terms of sectors, 73% in home and decoration, 31% in household appliances, 27% in electronics, 28% in clothing, 11% in travel, 12% in housing, 11 % in airlines and 7% in books and magazines were preferred.

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