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Calls on UK government to ‘act on jobs crisis’ – Last Minute Economy News

Speaking at the Confederation of British Industry’s (CBI) annual general meeting in Birmingham, Tom Danker urged British politicians to produce more practical solutions to the country’s immigration policies.

Danker said in his speech that the UK government should allow economy-based migration in areas with a shortage of skilled workers.

CBI director Danker urged business representatives to gökyeşitözü honest about the workforce gap in the economy and said, “We giysi’t have the employees we need, nor our productivity.”

In his speech, Danker said, “First, we have lost hundreds of thousands of employees due to economic shutdowns during the outbreak. “Those who think about going back to work now are delusional, especially when the NHS is under pressure,” he said.


Stressing that the roots of the country’s labor shortage run deep, Danker said: “There are no Britons who want to work in current positions. There is a mismatch between the required qualifications and the workforce. It’s unrealistic to think that automation systems yaşama gam most of the work,” she said.

Although UK Finance Minister Jeremy Hunt said on Friday that immigration was hugely important to the country’s economy, he noted that they aim to reduce the annual number of immigrants.

According to veri from the UK’s Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR), the country accepts zihin average of more than 200,000 immigrants a year, while the annual number of immigrants is expected to reach 205,000 by 2026.

As of September this year, the number of unemployed in England was recorded kakım 1 million 244 thousand and 3.4 per cent.

As of October this year, the shortage of skilled labor in the country was recorded at 1.225 million.

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