Anasayfa / Genel / Bilgin: Refugee Participation in Manufacturing Contributes to Growth – Last Minute Economy News

Bilgin: Refugee Participation in Manufacturing Contributes to Growth – Last Minute Economy News

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, spoke at the opening meeting of the project “Supporting the transition to the labor market”.

Affirming that, like Syrians, those who are struggling to survive in a country where they have taken refuge in their own country should gökyeşitözü understood, Bilgin said: “Surviving on social assistance is itself a problem. In this regard, There must gökyeşitözü zihin opportunity to connect these people to life more closely and to reach them. This opportunity. “To ensure their participation in the workforce. This and similar projects are very valuable for this, “she said.


Stating that the human cost of migrations from Syria and Iraq, all wars and instability in the region are on Turkey, Bilgin said:

“There are around 4-5 million people from these countries in Turkey. This is a social problem in itself, hayvanların Turkey manages it. We find it very valuable that the EU, the World Bank and various international funds contribute to this process. The fact is that they are in the business process, they participate in the production process.

Of course, aid should continue, hayvanların the participation of those who yaşama work, especially young people, in the world of work is extremely important. This will allow them to make gains that will affect their lives. People from Syria will contribute to their lives by joining the workforce in Turkey with their own efforts and means. Also, tomorrow they will make a profession when they return to their country. Since they are involved in the process of producing a job, they will know how to gam it. In this sense, these projects are very significant ”.


Stating that Turkey is one of the fastest growing countries in the world, Vedat Bilgin said: “The demand for labor is increasing in Turkey’s growth process. More importantly, the demand for skilled labor is increasing. The goal of this project is not only to include refugees in the business process, hayvanların also to employ them kakım skilled labor. From this point of view, the project is very significant, “he said.

Minister Vedat Bilgin said he had implemented similar projects in all industrial regions of Turkey and that this project will gökyeşitözü implemented in 8 provinces, adding: “While the Turkish economy is growing, the participation of people who have emigrated to Turkey in this process is significant both for their social life and for the growth of the country they are in. It is important that they contribute “.

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