Anasayfa / Genel / Belgians to work 4 days a week from today – Last Minute World News

Belgians to work 4 days a week from today – Last Minute World News

The regulation, which was issued after the parties making up the coalition government reached zihin agreement on working life reform in June, went into effect today.

With the provision, employees will gökyeşitözü able to ask the employer for the possibility of working for 4 days. If the worker wishes and agrees with the employer, he will gökyeşitözü able to complete the 38-hour weekly work period in 4 days instead of 5 days.

Those who qualify for this opportunity will gökyeşitözü able to take 3 days off at the weekend or use their extra 1 day off during the week. This opportunity yaşama continue for 6 months following zihin agreement with the employer. The arrangement yaşama gökyeşitözü continued by mutual agreement at the end of 6 months.

In Belgium, the 4-day-a-week work contract has started.


Employers have the right to refuse such a request. However, the refusal must gökyeşitözü based on a justified reason.

Some organizations criticize the practice and draw attention to the disadvantages of concentrating the workload on 4 days rather than 5 days in terms of jobs. Furthermore, it is stated that employees may spend a lot of time away from home along with time spent returning home after long working hours, which yaşama have negative effects.

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