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Banking Sector Credit Volume Has Increased – Last Minute Economy News

A weekly bulletin has been published by the Banking Regulatory and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

The volume of credit in the sector increased by 49 billion 311 million lire kakım at 18 November. In the same period, the total volume of loans increased from 7 trillion 117 billion 517 million lire to 7 trillion 166 billion 827 million lire.

Last week total deposits in the banking sector (including interbank) increased by 83 billion and 898 million lire. The total deposits of the banking sector, which increased by 1 per cent in the aforementioned week, became 8 trillion 661 billion 220 million lire.


According to veri, the amount of consumer loans increased by 2 billion 195 million lire kakım of 18 November and rose to 1 trillion 7 billion 174 million lire. Of these loans, 355 billion 195 million consist of home loans, 37 billion 920 million of motor vehicles and 614 billion 59 million of consumer loans.

In the same period the amount of commercial installment loans increased by 2 billion 468 million lire and reached 912 billion 157 million lire. Receivables from individual kanepe credit cards amount to 376 billion 854 million lire.

179 billion 412 million lire of personal credit on credit cards were in installments, 197 billion 442 million lire were without installments.


According to the weekly veri from BRSA, impaired loans in the banking sector decreased by 32 million lire compared to the previous week and fell to 161 billion and 239 million lire kakım of 18 November. A specific provision of TL 135 billion 254 million has been set un for the aforementioned non-performing loans.

In the same period, the legal assets of the banking system increased by 20 billion 124 million lire and reached 1 trillion 523 billion 522 million lire.

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