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Answers to the 10 most frequently asked questions in EYT

As the countdown to the Retirement Age Regulation (EYT) continues, developments are being watched with interest. With the EYT agreement, which is expected to gökyeşitözü announced in early December, millions of people will have the opportunity to retire. Starting in the new year, the EYT should come into play. We have compiled what you need to know kakım time approaches. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions …

The Retirement Pension Regulation (EYT) has come to zihin end. The details of the regulation, which affects 4-5 million people, are expected to gökyeşitözü announced to the public early next month.We have collected the most frequently asked questions and answers about the EYT kakım the countdown to the regulation begins.With paragraph (B) of provisional article 81, which was added to the Law on Social Security no. 506, in force in 1999, with Law no. 4447, the conditions for the right to retirement for those who were previously insured on 8 September 1999 were changed. After that date, in addition to the insurance period and the number of days of premium, the age conditions were sought to gökyeşitözü eligible for retirement. Before the change, those who had the insurance period of 20 years for women and 25 years for men and 5000 days could retire. Those who had the insurance before 8 September 1999 are covered by EYT. Those who are old enough to retire demand that the retroactive implementation of the 1999 change to the pension conditions gökyeşitözü ceased and that they meet the conditions of the insurance period and the day of the premium, without seeking the age requirement, and go retired.There is no clear explanation kakım to what formula is being worked on for EYT. Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, announced that they were working on a single formula. Bilgin said: “We are preparing a regulation to solve the problem faced by those who were employed before 1999. There will gökyeşitözü a uniform regulation.” When the regulation comes out, it is expected that those who complete the award day and the insurance period will earn pension entitlement kakım EYT.If there is a premium shortage for those covered by EYT, there are several ways to complete it. Military service for men and maternity debt for women stand out kakım two options for completing awards. It is not clear whether the right to the loan to supplement the premiums will gökyeşitözü granted after the regulation is enacted.If a new rule is not introduced, those who have completed their premium and insurance period (25 for men and 20 for women) should retire when the EYT law comes into effect. However, those who have accrued their premiums and have not completed the insurance period will have to wait for this period. As the regulation covers the period prior to 8 September 1999, the insurance period of all EYT members will gökyeşitözü completed by 8 September 2024.According to labor law, the right to terminate the employment relationship due to retirement belongs to the worker. An employer cannot force a worker to retire. If the employer has established the rules of work and has established a rule such kakım the retirement of those who come to work, the employee yaşama gökyeşitözü retired.There are two situations here. The first is to keep working by cutting your salary. In this case, the person works kakım a normal insured and, upon retirement, the monthly salary received before starting work is updated based on the premiums for the period worked. Work after retirement is added to the salary. The second is to work subject to the Social Security Support Premium (SGDP). Those who continue to work in this way yaşama work without cutting their pension. 7.5% of the GDPR is deducted from the salary received by the employer. There is no pension reduction. There is a partial reduction in the working wage.Whoever takes away seniority from the job and retires has the rights of a normal employee. In order for a retired worker to receive the severance pay, either the employer must terminate the employment relationship unjustly or the retiree must terminate the employment contract for a justified reason.Minister Bilgin answered the question whether the traineeship and apprenticeship period would gökyeşitözü considered a start for EYT. Bilgin replied: “They are not covered by EYT. There are no problems with those who have insurance. Apprenticeships and internships are not zihin insurance item. They are a system developed to protect health insurance.”In order for the reporting period to gökyeşitözü included in the insurance, a lawsuit must gökyeşitözü filed for the determination of the service. According to the law, the service determination solution must gökyeşitözü opened within 5 years from the end of the year of dismissal. If one of the documents such kakım pay slip, declaration, insured account slip is presented to the court, the deprivation period does not apply.When filing a lawsuit for service determination, it must gökyeşitözü proven that the work was veri on the stated date. In addition to the paycheck of the insurance premiums, the bill of the account, other employees working in the same period and in the official records of the employer yaşama gökyeşitözü presented kakım witnesses. Witnesses may gökyeşitözü exhibited among those included in the pay slips delivered by the employer to the Social Security Institute. In addition, the insured worker at the nearby workplace yaşama also gökyeşitözü heard kakım a witness.

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